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Android App

The Aas Innovation Android App consists of digital content offering in 3D/2D animated format . The Aas Innovation application comes packaged either in an Online Website or a USB or a SD card.


Aas Innovation is a Educational website for education which connects students, teachers , parents and school.It brings about an 360 degree development of the child’s personality

Desktop App

Our Education Software is extremely user friendly, and the information was presented in a visually pleasing manner that ensured engagement with the content. full content in 1 pen drive.

Welcome Note

Aas innovation is a unique; one of its kind Start up undertaken by Arete Technology,Nashik to give the concept of education and e-learning a new lease of life. Education should not merely be restricted to the imparting of bookish knowledge. It should bring about an 360 degree development of the child’s personality. Thus, Aas Innovation is born with the primary motive of bringing about the All round development of a child. A team of versatile, dedicated and experienced Technocrats have procreated this tremendously remarkable online/offline e-learning portal ’Aas Innovation’ in order to realize and cater to the unique requirements of millions of students, around us. This whole new world of visual learning will surely prove enjoyable for the children. They will enjoy as well as update their knowledge on different subjects and also understand the importance of studying them. Our Education Software Guidance on personality development, Science, History, Yoga, Geography, health, Inspiring persons, motive stories communication skills, soft skills and value education which mould the kids and aid the blossoming of their personalities. A platform wherein children are able to showcase their profuse, distinctive God- given talents. maharashtra State Board.


About E-Learning

Features Of E-Learning
  • Empowering minds by simplifying learning
  • Enhances the experience of classroom teaching through 2D animation
  • Syllabus Based Solution
  • Covers entire syllabus and chapter wise content, thus saving time
  • It is very user friendly and teacher friendly
  • Helps schools for more enrollment
  • The content has crisp voice over
  • Effective and Engaging
  • Grabs attention and helps retain what is heard.
  • A recreation of the State Board Syllabus for Grade 01 to 3 in digital form
  • Teacher’s remote gives the teacher access to content and enables complete control as per requirement.